Our aim: your optimum health and wellbeing

Welcome to Stafford Chiropractic Clinic

Our aim is to help you achieve pure health and wellbeing facilitated by an experienced and dedicated team of highly skilled physical therapy practitioners.

We are open 6 days a week and will always aim to get you an appointment as soon as possible. Our dedicated and passionate team are here to bring fast and effective pain relief whilst getting to the root cause of a complaint.

Based in Walton on the Hill, our purpose-built clinic is conveniently located for patients from Stafford, Cannock and Rugeley. We have our own private car park and a ramp for wheelchair access ensuring easy access to our modern and well equipped private treatment rooms.

News! This month we are explaining the many and varied benefits of massage – see our news page for an interesting read.

In September we published an article on spinal health and the general well-being of children as they returned to school this year: Read more here.  Another recent article covers the importance of good posture (August). In terms of looking after yourself, standing and sitting properly is vital to your wellbeing and could prevent lots of problems in the future. We also have articles on how to have a pain-free holiday (July) – take our top tips away with you this year. We have also focused on how chiropractic is invaluable for golfers (June), pain-free gardening (May) and the value of chiropractic antenatal care – both during pregnancy and afterwards (April).


Latest News

  • It’s not only skin deep – the benefits of massage therapy

    With its roots dating back 5000 years, massage is a hands-on approach to relieving tension; improving circulation, sleep and posture; reducing stress and anxiety; and promoting general well-being. The practice

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  • ‘Back’ to school

    Why children need to learn to ‘sit up straight’ for all sorts of reasons! Maybe the teacher’s cries of ‘sit up straight’ aren’t just the grumpy result of over exposure

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  • Are you sitting (and standing) comfortably?

    Simple ways to help you adopt good posture for better well-being Good posture is vital for your comfort, strength and flexibility and key to a pain-free back and joints. Learning

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