10 good reasons to include chiropractic care in your pregnancy

  1. Chiropractic provides a natural, drug-free option to achieve positive health and is completely safe in pregnancy, subject to a few routine checks
  2. Chiropractic treats the whole of your body – we understand how parts of your body are linked and how a feeling of well-being results from being ‘balanced’
  3. We can keep your spine and pelvis aligned and strong. Ensuring your pelvis is properly aligned means your baby has the most space in which to develop
  4. With optimum space to grow and move it can have a positive effect on helping your baby to get into the best position to be born
  5. Due to the natural ligament relaxation that takes place during pregnancy, chiro can help to alleviate the pressure on overworked joints and therefore ease any pain or tension you may feel
  6. Enjoy being able to lie on your tummy for the first time in weeks due to the specialised equipment we have at the clinic!
  7. We correct your posture as you make changes to compensate for your growing baby and bump
  8. Your changing shape can require special attention in the way you sit, sleep, walk and exercise. We can talk through these with you to make sure you are doing everything possible to keep yourself healthy and comfortable
  9. We work carefully and support you at any stage of your pregnancy – making sure you are as relaxed as you can be as you get to understand your body and how it is working throughout
  10. Following birth, aftercare is really beneficial for you and your baby. We often work with new mums to make sure their posture is correctly maintained and the body is healing well as feeding and carrying your baby adds a different kind of pressure to your body


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