Preventing gardening injuries

How to stay fit and healthy throughout the gardening season… and beyond

by Emma Hellard, chiropractor




“A survey has revealed that 67% of UK adults aged over 45 have experienced physical pain from gardening”

(Country Living magazine, 2016)

After a long autumn, it’s very tempting to get straight into the garden at the first glimpse of sunshine. However, it’s important that you view gardening as you would any other work out – because that’s what it is – a rigorous, all-body workout using many muscles that will have been hibernating all winter!

We have lots of advice to help you avoid hurting yourself in the season ahead, aimed at gardeners of any age. You may also already have legacy pain from past injuries. If so, it’s important that you seek help before you potentially make things worse.

Look out for our next blog that contains 10 of our top tips to prevent gardening injuries this year. We’ll leave you with tip number 1 on ‘being prepared’ as it’s probably the most important!

TIP 1: Prepare yourself. We suspect that most people don’t think of warming up before launching into a full day’s work in the garden, but you should approach gardening like any other exercise. Start with a brisk walk and do some stretches to prepare yourself for the work ahead. Replicate some gardening moves such as squatting and reaching down to your toes (carefully and slowly). Warming up before you start will help reduce the risk of muscle strain and injury. It is also vital to keep hydrated too by drinking plenty of water and avoid working during mid-afternoon when the sun is at its hottest. Remember to wear loose, comfortable clothing so your movements aren’t restricted.

At Stafford Chiropractic Clinic, the team is experienced at identifying and treating all manner of body pain and discomfort. If you need advice or treatment, make an appointment to talk through your symptoms before a non-invasive treatment plan is put together to help get you back in the garden and digging again!


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