Keep Your Spine Happy This Christmas

  • Posted On: December 09th, 2023
  • Posted In: Health Tips

  • Read Time: 2 Mins


The festive season is finally here! Emma has put together some top tips to help you stay happy and healthy this Christmas


  • Relax!

Christmas can be such a busy time of year full with hectic work and social schedules! Make sure you make time for yourself to relax and enjoy it! Stress can have a huge impact on your back pain and your overall health, so try not to let stress take over this festive season. Take regular breaks and be sure to take time out for yourself to do a spot of meditation and have some much needed TLC time.


  • Wrapping Christmas presents

Fun as though it may be to sit on the floor wrapping your Christmas presents in front of the TV – please don’t be tempted!! This position can be very harmful to your back. The best way is to stand at a high countertop, or to sit at a table to wrap your presents. An ironing board is also a great prop to use to wrap presents, as it is has an adjustable height. Also make sure you don’t try to do it all in one go, take regular breaks to stretch or walk around.


  • Putting up decorations

Decorations such as Christmas trees can be heavy to lift and carry, so why not make putting the decorations up a group activity and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Be careful to ensure that you are not lifting or carrying too much and try to avoid too much bending and twisting whilst putting the decorations up.  Take regular breaks from these activities and stay hydrated to ensure that your muscles work at their best.


  • Don’t carry it all at once

Be careful how much you are carrying and lifting, especially at the supermarket this Christmas. Try to carry bags in both hands to balance out the load on the body. It is also preferable to have more bags with less weight in each one and put your heavy bags closer in the boot of the car for you to reach. Again, ask for help where possible and stay hydrated.


  • Eating and Drinking

Difficult as it is at Christmas to maintain a healthy eating schedule, it’s all about trying to create balance in your diet. Many of us over-indulge at this time of year, but make sure not to ignore all of your good habits and still try to include your portions of fruit and veg.


  • Movement

Try not to forget your normal exercise regimes during this festive period. Christmas can be a time where we tend to sit around in our pyjamas watching Christmas films (which we all enjoy)! But do try to keep active. Going for a brisk walk is a great way to keep your joints moving well and build up an appetite!


  • Stay warm

It is important to try and stay warm when you are out and about. Keeping warm will keep your muscles and joints more relaxed and less likely to cause you pain. Wrap up and add extra layers, which can be removed if you get too hot.


  • Travel smart

This can be tricky, as many of us travel visiting friends and family around this time of year. As far as possible, try to plan your journey in advance and avoid busy periods which may lead to you sitting in traffic for long periods of time. If you have a long drive, take regular pit stops and have a walk, stretch and a drink before setting off again.

Staying over in someone else’s home may also be tricky, as staying on a different mattress or even worse the dreaded airbed, which gradually deflates throughout the night! There is no easy way around this one, but it may help to at least take your pillow from home with you to protect your neck and in the morning. Start your morning with a quick stretch and walk to loosen your spine off before the day begins.


We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Look after yourselves and we look forward to seeing you all the New Year for your appointments!