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Chiro care for babies

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

How chiropractic can benefit babies

by Emma Hellard, chiropractor with a specialist interest in chiropractic care for babies and children.

We love having families in the clinic and provide safe and effective chiropractic treatment for children of all ages, from just days old to teens.

During childbirth, extensive pressure is often placed on a baby’s spine; this is more prominent during a difficult delivery including forceps, ventouse and caesarean. Chiropractic uses very gentle spinal and cranio-sacral techniques to improve the function of the spine, nervous and cranial system. The pressure used during treatment is extremely light – it is gentle, relaxing and babies often love having treatment!

Many mums report positive changes in their babies following chiropractic treatment. As babies’ spines are so supple we often find they respond to care much faster than adults. Chiropractors do not aim to diagnose or treat specific conditions in children or adults of any age. Our aim is to improve the function of the spine, nervous system and allow the body to work at its optimum. 

A healthy spine is vital to a child’s development. In fact, it is during the first year of life that our spines actually double in length – they work very hard!Having their spine checked as they grow may alleviate problems later in life and keep them standing tall. School aged children can develop various aches and pains from poor posture or injury. Carrying heavy backpacks, sitting at computers and lots of studying can add to this pressure and may result in painful muscles and joints. Chiropractic care can help to address these issues, help with pain relief, and provide advice about the correct posture, stretching and exercise. 

In the UK, newborn babies are surrounded by the very best care – nurses, doctors, midwives and community visitors. Your chiropractor can work as part of this wonderful multi-support team, helping to make sure both baby and mum get all the care they need. At Stafford Chiropractic Clinic, we view our care with babies and children as part of a complete, holistic approach involving parents and thorough knowledge of any medical history or condition.

Our chiropractors are specialised and experienced working with babies and children and have completed post-graduate training courses in this field.

Top tips:

  • Note any issues you are having – colic, sleeping patterns, irritability – and keep a diary so your support team can fully understand the frequency and level of the problem  

  • Learn some of the simple relaxation methods employed by your chiropractor so you can help your baby relax between visits

  • Invest in some lovely, scented baby creams designed to help you gently moisturise and massage your baby’s limbs, feet and hands

  • Never be afraid to ask what your practitioner is doing – a good one will talk you through every move 

  • Look out for food types that may cause a build-up of gas (i.e. colic) and avoid these for a while, introducing them back to your baby’s diet in small quantities

  • If you have any concerns about your baby’s health, please contact a member of your health care team, whether that be a midwife, health visitor, GP or chiropractor

Emma Hellard is fully registered with the General Chiropractic Council and a member of the British Chiropractic Association and Royal College of Chiropractors. Emma has specialised in providing chiropractic treatment to pregnant woman and babies and has focused and extended her studies in this area, in addition to completing additional qualifications in medical dry needling and myofascial release therapy. 

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