It’s not only skin deep – the benefits of massage therapy

With its roots dating back 5000 years, massage is a hands-on approach to relieving tension; improving circulation, sleep and posture; reducing stress and anxiety; and promoting general well-being. The practice of healing by touch is grounded in the science of a practitioner’s ability to feel any anomalies in your body and work on them so you are free from pain and discomfort. It can also benefit muscle tension and stiffness, soft tissue sprains and strains, headaches, digestive disorder and myofascial pain syndrome.

Massage can be performed in a variety of ways and it is the skill of the practitioner to know which one to use and how. At Stafford Chiropractic Clinic we have patients who book in with us regularly for preventative massages, to keep their joints and muscles loose and relaxed as a way of avoiding injuries borne from bad posture, tension and also sport-related issues.

Massage can be extremely beneficial for babies and children too. Our family-friendly practice has experienced, qualified chiropractors who have worked with children extensively to promote better sleep and greater levels of relaxation. We use very gentle spinal and cranio-sacral techniques to improve the function of the spine, cranial and nervous system.

6 good reasons to enjoy a massage:

Relax, unwind and release

An effective massage will induce momentary relaxation that leads to a longer-term sense of well-being and lower levels of cortisol – the stress hormone that often floods our bodies. By allowing our bodies to be realigned, pressure points to be dispersed and tension to be released, a massage will not only be a wonderful experience at the time – but the benefits will stay with you long afterwards.

Pain relief

Massage therapy can relieve pain in a number of ways and help acute injuries or chronic complaints. Massage helps to reduce tension and ‘knots’ in the muscles by physically breaking down tissue adhesions and improving the blood flow through the muscle. This helps with muscle tone and flexibility. Massage also stimulates sensory nerve endings which can interrupt pain signals travelling to the brain, therefore reducing the amount of pain we perceive. It also increases the release of the body’s natural pain killers and encourages relaxation by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Lower blood pressure

By reducing the body’s cortisol levels and creating a relaxed state, massage can significantly reduce blood pressure (both upper and lower numbers)and heart rate. By having regular sessions you’ll find that the trigger sources for anxiety, depression and stress are also greatly reduced.

Better circulation

Massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage by freeing blockages and loosening stiff joints. As the rich blood supply is able to move more easily around the body, it brings more oxygenated blood to the tissues and flushes out metabolic waste allowing the muscle to heal more effectively.

Improve posture

It’s common sense really – by releasing tension, realigning your spine and joints and helping to keep you pain-free, you will automatically hold yourself better. You will sit and stand in a more natural way, therefore avoiding the need to compensate for any pain. Massage works from the top down, releasing tension in your head, neck and shoulders, all the way down to your feet.

Support an exercise programme

Massage is an excellent conditioning treatment to include alongside any sports or fitness programme. As well as the many benefits covered in this article, massage can also help your body to recover after training or competitive sessions. It can also improve mobility and the range of your joints, helping you maximise your performance.

Massage can be utilised both pre and post event. By relaxing tight muscles and improving muscle elasticity it can reduce the risk of soft tissue injury. Massage also helps your body recover from the stresses of exercise and can relieve the symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness.

Massage at Stafford Chiropractic Centre

Here at Stafford Chiropractic Clinic we offer sports massage, holistic and therapeutic massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue and trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Our therapists are trained to offer you advice on aftercare, which may include postural advice, stretches or exercises you can do at home to help you make sustainable changes.

You will find that massage, done correctly, will relax and loosen tense muscles, give joints greater freedom, mobility and flexibility and relieve any pressure points. It will help to correct your posture over time. There are many more benefits to massage including better sleep and concentration levels – all as a result of a more comfortable body. And whilst massage is a treatment that requires areas of your body to be exposed we protect your modesty at all times so you are able to fully relax and feel you are in safe hands.

Massage is a wonderful therapy – used alone or to complement your chiropractic care.


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