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Since I have been in chiropractic I’ve improved by leaps and bounds, both mentally and physically

Michael Jordan, NBA legend


On the topic of chiropractic and contact sports, there are two main considerations – preventing injury and improving performance. There is also a third that we try and help our patients to avoid – and that’s mending a sportsman after injury.

Before undergoing any treatment you’ll need to have a full assessment where you’ll be asked questions about your lifestyle and sporting commitments, any injuries or health history as well as any pain you are currently experiencing. Every step of the process will be explained to you – it is non-invasive, natural and always a positive experience.

What are contact sports?By definition, contact sports are those that bring players into physical contact with each other such as rugby, boxing and hockey but there are certainly other sports that bring their own dangers – horse riding, skiing and gymnastics for example. Chiropractic therapy is beneficial to all and valuable in a number of ways.

No matter what age you are or level you play at, contact sports carry a high risk of injury. By its very nature, contact means you are coming into close proximity, to the point of colliding with another person. Impact and speed combined with determination and competitiveness can be a winning but brutal combination!

Participants in full contact sports (like rugby) are often exposed to violent force and this can have a huge effect on musculoskeletal health. The spine is vital for general well-being and plays the lead role in connecting your limbs and maintaining a balanced, harmonious and comfortable posture. When your spine is out of alignment, it affects your whole body – including your nervous system. In your chiropractor’s hands, these misalignments can be corrected, returning your body to playing fitness and comfort once more.

How does chiropractic treatment improve performance?In terms of performance and getting past your current ability threshold, consulting a chiropractor is a wise move. Gentle, focused manipulation can de-stress muscles and improve blood flow, providing any treatment and helping to improve mobility, range and strength. Indeed, this is why most world-class, professional sports people include chiropractic in their entourage.

By visiting a chiropractor and maintaining optimum musculoskeletal health, you are not only treating any anomalies but you will also gain the confidence to return to your sport again, complete with the knowledge that it’s safe and wise to do so – unless of course you are advised against it.

Is chiro just suitable for professional sports people?Chiropractic care is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. The aim is to realign your body so that you are as comfortable as possible and this applies to everyone!

Words of advice:

  • As with all sports, warming up and cooling down is absolutely vital in the prevention of injury and the optimisation of performance
  • Don’t let an injury drag on, it’s unlikely to fix itself – ask for help
  • Follow a mixed training regime, especially for sports where repetition is key. By following a programme that exercises your whole body, includes an aerobic element and stretching/strengthening of all muscle groups, you’ll experience fewer problems
  • Maintain a healthy body by following a well-balanced diet, and include plenty of water every day
  • Make sure you relax, get plenty of sleep and enjoy the therapeutic power of warm baths or hot showers as part of your post-match wind down
  • And finally, protect yourself where you can – wear mouth guards, headgear, body protectors


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