Why chiropractic is key for every golfer – top tips

Here are a few important pieces of advice to help golfers prevent injury or pain whilst pursuing their sport…

  1. Warm up! Golf is like any other sport and it is important that you warm up and cool down properly. If muscles aren’t prepared for activity it may make them less flexible and more prone to injury. You should spend at least 3-5 minutes warming up before teeing off. This may be a brisk walk; a short practice at the driving range; or some gentle stretches. You should try to stretch the key muscle groups including the hamstrings (back of your thighs), quadriceps (front of your thighs), chest and shoulder muscles.
  2. Cool down! It is good practice to also stretch after exercise in order to effectively cool down.
  3. Get fitted. It is advisable to get properly assesed and fitted for your golf clubs. Making sure your equipment suits your physique will avoid unnecessary stress and strain on your body.
  4. Be careful how you carry. Lifting and carrying a golf bag can place strain on your neck, shoulders and lower back. When lifting your bag, try to bend from the knees and hips rather than the back. Also try to opt for a lighter bag, perhaps with duel harness straps to distribute the weight more evenly.
  5. Making use of a power caddy is the safest way to avoid the unnecessary pressures from twisting and pulling you would find with a manual golf trolley.
  6. Wear proper shoes to improve your stability.
  7. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Dehydration is seriously detrimental, particularly during endurance exercise like golf. It has a negative impact on the circulation around your muscles which can lead to increased injury risk.
  8. Build your core strength up. To get the most out of your golf game it is recommended that you build up your core strength and stability alongside stretching to improve flexibility. This will improve your fitness and reduce the chances of injury.
  9. If you are new to the sport, investing in some golf lessons can be invaluable. Making sure you have the correct basic technique ensures that you aren’t putting any excess strain on your body which may result in injury further down the line.
  10. Consider filming yourself at key moments during your game. A simple phone video can help you assess your posture, technique and overall alignment. You can ask a professional to do this for valuable corrective advice and maximum benefit.


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